ii-Kanji - Plan Outline

ii-Kanji is an i-Mode Site for Studying the Japanese Language.

This site is currently operational at: www.kanji.jciti.com

ii-Kanji utilizes the Monash University Japanese language database. This database has:

  • 6000 Kanji Characters and the Associated English meanings
  • 30,000 Japanese Vocabulary Items
  • 100,000 Word - Japanese to English Dictionary

Student can browse all of these items and study at their own level because the Kanji are divided into the Joyo grades. This will benefit all students from the beginner to the fluent speaker wishing to improve their skills.

Corporate Outline of ii-Mode.com

ii-Mode.com is a small company specializing in the design of database driven i-Mode web sites. It is based in Nagoya, Japan.

Unique Characteristics of This Site

Customized for Each User

This site utilizes a database to store the Kanji and Vocabulary words the student wishes to study. Instead of writing notes to cards or notebooks the student can use their phone for studying - much more convenient.

Teachers Can Create Custom Content for Their Students

Teachers can create study lists for their students and publish this in the database so that all of the students can access it conveniently.



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