Adding Items to a Study List

Add 1 to a 1000 entries for your Study List.

There is actually no limit on the number of entries in your Study List. You can add or modify entries at any time.

There are 5 fields in the Add Study List Item window:

  1. Kanji: Some word, like adopted English words ( e.g. "hamburger") do not have Kanji, so this field may be blank.
  2. Kana: Enter the Hiragana or Katakana for the word. This field is required.
  3. Romaji: This field is optional and is designed for students who haven't learned Kana yet.
  4. English: Enter the English (or other language - see side bar) equilvalent of the Japanese word.
  5. Description: Enter the English (or other language - see side bar) description of the Japanese word.

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Add a New Item to "Popular Names"

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Does ii-Kanji Only Support English
Actually any language can be used for the "English" and "Description" fields. i-Mode however only supports Japanese and limited Western European characters. So, for example, French could be used, but some of the characters like ê will not display correctly. If a language other than French is used please make not of this in the Study List name, e.g. Japanese Place Names in French.





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